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NSA seizes full control of targeted iPhones via DROPOUTJEEP malware

December 31, 2013

Lloyd A. Conway:

The assault on our civil liberties, including the right to privacy and our Fourth Amendment guarantees regarding search and seizure continues. Thankfully, there is enough information available through alternative media sources to maintain a semblance of a free press that can act as a true Fourth Estate to check and balance the abuse of power by those in public service.

Originally posted on Engineering Evil:

Dec 30, 2013

The NSA developed in 2008 a software program for iPhones that can selectively and stealthily deliver data from iPhones to the NSA. The program is called DROPOUTJEEP. News of the malware is the latest to come out of the ongoing Snowden document media bonanza.


DROPOUTJEEP can read and retrieve SMS messages, contact lists, voice messages, and the iPhone’s location via GPS and cell phone towers. It can also remotely activate the microphone and the camera.

In short, DROPOUTJEEP can gain full covert “command and control” over any iPhone on which it is installed.

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  1. I am a Mac/iPhone user and like them better than any other large tech company, so I hope that they are not hand-in-glove with NSA abuses. (If there is a legitimate suspect being pursued through legal means, I am not against cooperation with law enforcement.) That such a backdoor does exist, with or without Apple’s cooperation or knowledge is newsworthy by itself.

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