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Penn State: The Scandal Behind the Scandal

November 13, 2011

One unintended consequence of things like no-fault divorce (then-Gov. Reagan signed the first law permitting this in CA in 1969) and a welfare state that makes low-income men expendable, as Daniel Moynihan demonstrated in the famous “Moynihan Report” of 1965 is that we have lots of fatherless children. Sigmund Freud wrote, in Civilization and its Discontents back in 1929 that, ” I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” Take away fathers, as no-fault divorce and welfare (and a ‘child support’ industry that would drive the likes of Vietnam vet  Thomas Ball to self-immolation) do, and you have a perfect scenario for predators like the recently-accused ex-Penn State coach Joe Sandusky to allegedly exploit, as fatherless is now common, and even the norm among the poorer classes – the source of the vulnerable boys The Second Mile was supposed to help.  As the victims of child sexual abuse are at higher risk of becoming abusers than their non-abused peers, the seeds of family destruction that we plant daily through the organs of government intervention help create the harvest of sorrows that we reap in the future.

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