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Stripped of Everything – Including Dignity and Privacy

April 13, 2012

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled (Justice Kennedy writing for the majority) that strip-searches are legal in virtually every arrest made in America.  This is further evidence of what futurist-forecaster Gerald Cenente calls ‘the groping trend,’ where Americans are subject to ever-more invasive police measures, essentially being treated like dangerous suspects rather than being presumed innocent, as Amglo-American law has always heretofore required.  (even if an arrest requires ‘probable cause,’ that a crime has been committed one is still entitled to reasonable treatment, and an arrest, say, for unpaid parking tickets should nor subject anyone to a strip-search more suitable to a dangerous and armed suspect.)

Part of the reason for this trend, perhaps the critical one, is public acceptance of it.  Grousing, complaining, ineffectually protesting (as in painting protest slogans on one’s body before going to the airport and then submitting to TSA), et cetra, is not the same as citizens taking effective action to end such practices.  many even support them, as they value ‘security’ over liberty, not realizing that giving up liberty for safety guarantees not the latter while certainly costing them the former, as Benjamin Franklin noted.

Knowing one’s rights and politely insisting on the exercise of the full extent of them, even in the face of a threatening police officer, TSA employee or other official may seem like a tall order, but it pales in comparison to what was required of those who scaled Pointe Du Hoc, as well as all the others who bore arms to ensure that we had the exercise of the ancient rights in question.  The least we owe ourselves, as well as to those whose valor bought them, again and again, for our use, is to use them, fully and firmly.  The fear of abusive government must be conquered if we hope to avoid the actuality of it.

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