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Cyber-Activism: ‘Hacking Politics’

May 15, 2013

OR Books — Hacking Politics. This ebook retells the story of the eclectic collection of some of the strangest bedfellows to be found in modern American politics:  Occupy Wall Street teaming with Tea Parties, Ron Paul supporters connecting with liberal activists and many others from all across the political spectrum [and the ‘left-right’ concept of politics is badly in need of updating] to defeat Internet-controlling legislative proposals ‘SOPA’ and ‘PIPA.’  The spontaneous rallying of these disparate and often hostile elements in support of Internet freedom may be thought of as an online ‘American Spring.’  Their story is hot off the word processor and here for you to read; more importantly, this story can serve an an example and a road-map for future coalition-building online in support of core American principles like freedom of expression whenever they are endangered, regardless of the intent of those who endanger them.

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