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Commentary on the ‘Backlash Against Common Core’

May 27, 2013

There has been quite a furor in some circles over the proposed Federal ‘Common Core‘ standards.  There may be good reason for this:  The U.S. Constitution vests no authority in the Federal Government over education.  As explicitly stated in the 10th Amendment, all powers not enumerated as being of a Federal nature are reserved to the states or to the people.  (Cities and counties have no separate, independent sovereign existence, as ‘Dillon’s Rule‘ stated in codifying legal precedent in that regard.) The 9th Amendment also codifies the retention of rights not listed in the Constitution – those based in tradition, ‘common law’ and so forth.  Among these would be the right to educate one’s own children as one sees fit.

Beyond that, the content is controversial, and as the mandate to implement the ‘Common Core‘ will also include testing that serves as the gateway to a high school diploma, GED and college admission, it comes with the power to compel compliance with a program that some regard as being overly politicized.  As citizens, as parents, we do well to inform ourselves about topics like these that touch upon our lives and those of our families so intimately.  Being informed means doing primary research and independent investigation as well as reading commentary, no matter the source, and arriving at one’s own decision.  After doing so, an informed citizen is equipped to act to support the good and to oppose that which is objectionable.

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